Ethical management is a series of management activities that create an environment where members of an organization can make ethical decisions even when they experience ethical dilemmas and is where a corporation recognizes the fulfillment of not only economic and legal responsibility but also ethical responsibility which is expected by social convention as its basic obligation and it takes the corporation’s compliance with morality as a behavioral principle with an autonomous attitude.

Method of report

Report of employees’ unjust business management or undue demand and corruption using their position is received by the real name in principle and is handled private.

Type of report

① Unjust transaction by school ties or regionalism
② Bribery, unjust demand or the fact of providing such
③ Misuse of authorities given, unlawful request
④ Action that harms sound corporate culture
⑤ Proposal for an improvement in irrational custom

How to report

email :
Tel : 02-508-4646, extension number (603) Go Sung-bae the department head
Fax : 02-508-2244
Mail: 217, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Postcode: 135-15)


There is the minimum time required (7~10 days) until a reply to your report is sent to you after going through necessary procedures, such as the confirmation by relevant department(s). We would appreciate your understanding on this.