About recruitment by Carex

Carex recruits employees through open recruitment (New/experienced) and regular recruitment by business area and duty. For an open recruitment, recruiting areas will be notified.

Recruitment procedure

  • Document screening: Compatibility or incompatibility with a relevant duty, examination of application forms
  • In-depth interview: Interview by the head of a relevant department, in-depth interview by the executive team
  • Final interview: Negotiation about annual salary and treatment with the personnel department

Recruitment system

  • How to apply for a position: Application via email ? Marking of the name of an applicant and an area to apply for in the title e.g.) Hong Gil-dong_Sales Support.doc
  • Send to: jjg@carex.co.kr
  • Documents to be submitted: Resume (Career description)
    Self-introduction letter (In case of design, attach more than three pieces of representative work)
  • Inquiry about recruitment: 02-508-4646 (Extension number: 663)